279. What can we do to create more civility in society? with Alexandra Hudson

With Alexandra “Lexi” Hudson
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Episode 279: What can we do to create more civility in society? 

Guest: Alexandra “Lexi” Hudson


Ever feel like the world has turned into an ill mannered, totally uncivilized place? A place where civility and politeness in our daily lives often feels like a thing of the past? 

I recently read Alexandra “Lexi” Hudson’s new book “The Soul Of Civility: Timeless Principles To Heal Society And Ourselves.” I was blown away by the thoughtful, deep dive this book takes into this topic of civility. The book goes well beyond how we treat each other, and discusses how individual actions impact democracies. Lexi also talks about how our actions can serve as the antidote to both loneliness and to a longing for identity that too often has become intertwined with political affiliation. Perhaps most importantly and most relevant for a podcast that focuses on building and using our personal influence, we talk about the specific actions we can take to create a more civil society. 


In addition to being an author and thought leader, Lexi is also the founder of Civic Renaissance — a publication and community dedicated to “beauty, goodness and truth.” 

Her book — which took almost 10 years to write –is a timely, relevant, and thought provoking read as it addresses so many of the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that can be difficult to work through when the stakes feel so high during a contentious election cycle. 


  • The distinction between civility and politeness and why that distinction matters. 
  • How our our personal identities in many ways have become captive to our politics, and why that’s pushing us further apart. 
  • How we each can take responsibility for shifting our mindsets about this problem, and begin to think in terms of oriented-ness. 
  • Some ways we can achieve a better balance between other oriented-ness, self care, and personal boundaries. 


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Lexi’s book: “The Soul Of Civility: Timeless Principles To Heal Society And Ourselves.” 

Civic Renaissance

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