278. Can understanding your enneagram type help you crush your 2024 goals? Guest Beth McCord

With Beth McCord
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Episode 278: Can understanding the enneagram help you crush your 2024 goals, or at least help increase your awareness of beahviors that might stand in your way? Enneagram Coach Beth McCord

Topic: Ever heard of enneagram? 

After taking the FREE enneagram quiz offered by this week’s guest (see link below where you can take the quiz), I was curious about how the 9 types relate to each other, and how it would match up against other personality tests. 

Finding ourselves in the midst of transitions or pivots can often be one of the most important times to dial into our core tendencies and understand how they may be motivating our behaviors — for better, and for worse. It can also offer a powerful tool for goal setting by helping us get more clear on our inherent motivations and emotional drivers. 

THIS WEEK’S GUEST:  Enneagram coach and author Beth McCord has been teaching and coaching others on the use of enneagram for more than two decades. She co-founded her business “Your Enneagram Coach” with her husband Jeff. Her passion comes from helping people better understand their personal stories and how those stories motivate their behavior. 



What is the enneagram?  

How enneagram can act as your “rumble strip.”

What makes your own enneagram type unique to you and your story. 

How the enneagram can be useful alongside other personality assessments. 

Why it’s less effective to try to assign others a “type.” 

How to think about enneagram, parenting, and your kids. 


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