277. Goal setting, life mapping, and why it’s helpful to have a word of the year!

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

Episode 277: Goal setting, life mapping, and why it’s helpful to have a word of the year!

TOPIC: Ever have trouble zeroing in on which goals will help you have the biggest impact? Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking about so many different competing priorities? It can be challenging to sort through and figure out what’s truly most important. Even though it can seem like the answer to that question is “everything is a priority,” when we focus on “everything,” we often have a much harder time accomplishing anything truly meaningful. 

One of the best ways to navigate this challenge is to get to the heart of what’s truly most valuable and important to you, and what aligns with your core values. 

This week’s episode will help! 

As you and I kick off 2024 together — happy New Year!  I’m sharing my word of the year (an annual practice that I find helpful), as well as a new goal setting strategy called Life Mapping that I’m finding especially beneficial.  If you’ve picked a word to guide you this year, I’d love to hear which one and why! 

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • Why my “leading” word of the year is “lighter,” followed closely by “collaboration” and “connecting.”
  • Why “Life Mapping” can be a valuable tool for helping you better align your goals with your core values. 
  • How the life mapping process can be helpful if you are troubled (like I am) by the state of the world and struggling to find ways to have an impact.
  • What you can expect over the next few weeks from me and She Said/She Said Podcast including a deep dive into the enneagram with enneagram author and coach Beth McCord.
  • Plus, we’re launching our third annual collaboration series with The Southern C (you’ll find the complete line up from last year’s TSC in the link below!) 


LINKS MENTIONED in Episode 277: 

BOOK: “Live your gift” by Dana V. Adams

WORKBOOK: “Live your gift companion guide” by Dana V. Adams

BOOK: “Life Mapping” by Bill Cohen

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