276. How to be more fearless as you set goals for the New Year with Jean Case

With Jean Case
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Show Notes

276: How to be more fearless as you set goals for the New Year

Guest: Jean Case, Chair, National Geographic Society and CEO, The Case Foundation and Case Impact Network

Topic: With the New Year almost here, it’s the perfect time to begin thinking about some of those big investments you want to make in yourself in 2024. If fear stands in the way of you aiming for your most audacious goals, this week’s guest gives you great perspective for how to set goals that help you become more fearless, and that will help you build the confidence needed to tackle the challenges you don’t even know are headed your way! 


Jean Case is the CEO of the Case Foundation and Case Impact Network and the Chair of the National Geographic Society. She is a businesswoman, investor, philanthropist and impact investing pioneer who believes in the power of business to do good in the world. Her career in the private sector has spanned two decades including as a senior executive at AOL and before that GE. She cofounded the Case Foundation — along with her husband Steve Case —in 1997. Her book “Be Fearless: 5 principles for a life of breakthroughs and Purpose” is based on her work and research conducted at the Case Foundation as well as drawn from Jean’s own experiences and career. 


  • How Jean, who doesn’t consider herself a natural born risk taker, learned to take risks. 
  • The 5 key areas for building fearlessness — these criteria were present in practically every major innovation and breakthrough (great criteria for thinking about particularly bold goals in 2024!)
  • How you can rethink and better utilize your failures
  • How to stop “overthinking” and most importantly how to prevent overthinking from derailing your biggest goals
  • Learning to chunk big goals down into bite size pieces
  • The power of impact investing and how it differs from ESG
  • How Jean thinks about influence and the role of humility


As I wrap this year’s content, I’m thinking about how much our time together means to me. I’m also looking forward to bringing you more great conversations and ways to super charge your own influence, as well as more opportunities where we can engage, connect and hopefully collaborate together to bring our big ideas into the world and to have even more impact! 

Until then, I’m taking a couple of weeks off, but will see you right back here in early January 2024! 

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a beautiful start to your New Year!

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