274. How to leverage your network to create a unique and sparkling product! Une Femme sparkling wine founder Jen Pelka

With Jen Pelka
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274. How to leverage your network to create a unique and sparkling product! Une Femme sparkling wine founder Jen Pelka

Guest: Jen Pelka, founder Une Femme


Creating and investing in a network that supports and encourages your grandest dreams is not only an essential element needed to take your business idea to the next level, it’s also the key to helping you recharge yourself both emotionally and creativity. But, there’s also something particularly unique about the bond, the connection, and the  collaboration that happens between women when we gather. 

This is one of the powerful underlying values behind the brand and creation of Une Femme sparkling wine. 

This week’s conversation will give you lots of inspiration as you think about hosting your next gathering of your gal pals, and it will give you lots of inspiration about leveraging that group to help you bring your visions and dreams to life.  

And, don’t miss the Une Femme promo code included below! 



Jen Pelka is the cofounder and CEO of Une Femme, a company she created to meet a particular market need: sparkling wines for women, made by women winemakers, that gives back to women-centered charities. 

Jen’s journey has taken her from PR founder, to wine bar founder (she founded The Riddler in NYC and San Francisco), to creator of Une Femme. 


  • How Jen’s wine bars provided the perfect testing ground for the product and for her vision. 
  • Jen’s unique approach to understanding and communicating with investors. 
  • How loss helped Jen fine tune the way she thinks about communicating the value of the business. 
  • The “Gather Guide” which Jen created with my wonderfully talented friend Whitney Wright. 
  • How Jen thinks about influence and why she says influence starts with the investment we make in ourselves. 



Jen has generously shared a PROMO CODE so that you can get 20% off of your order of Une Femme. Just include: SHESAIDWINE for 20% off of your order!

Note: I’m particularly fond of Jen’s “Project Gather Box” which includes 3 bottles, the Gather Guide, and the adorable coasters we talk about in the episode! 


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