Title: 273. LIVE She Said/She Said Podcast conversation: career pivots, transferable skills, identity, side hustles, and building your brand


Ashley Davis, cofounder Westfront Strategies

Joyce Meyer, EVP, for government relations at the American Council of Life Insurers

Tamara Edwards, event co-host, founder Broad Shoulders & TE&Co. 

Kaitlyn Kline, event MC, director at RubiconMD


TOPIC: Ever find that some of the best career advice comes when you gather incredibly smart, thoughtful, accomplished women from your network together and really dig into the topics together? 

That’s what we did a few weeks ago at a LIVE event I co-hosted with my friend and personal branding expert Tamara Edwards. This is the first in what we hope will become a series of conversations. More on that later! But this week, I’m sharing some great audio from that event with you. Here’s why: 

  1. You’ll get several unique takes and perspectives on career pivots. 
  2. The conversation reinforces the power and importance of our networks for gaining perspective and for problem solving. 
  3. This conversation illustrates the incredible power of collaboration, and of the importance of women supporting and encouraging each other. 



Tamara Edwards, my co-host for the event, is a personal branding expert and founder of Broad Shoulders, as well as her company TE&Co. She’s also the creator of an innovative approach to personal branding, which is called Personal Brand in a Box.

Ashley Davis, is a lead principal at West Front Strategies, a multimillion dollar lobbying firm that she co-founded in 2015, after a successful career in government, including helping to create what is now the Office of Homeland Security. Ashley holds an MBA from Georgetown, and she sits on several corporate nonprofit boards, including the Kennedy Center’s National Symphony Orchestra. 

Joyce Meyer is the executive Vice President for government relations at the American Council of Life Insurers. Her work is focused on financial and retirement security for her member companies and the families that they serve. Now, prior to ACLI, Joyce spent almost three decades across government, including as chief of staff to her hometown, Wisconsin Congressman, who also happened to be the US Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Joyce holds an MBA also from Georgetown and has been recognized for her strategic leadership as a top lobbyist, and she also serves on several nonprofit boards. 

Kaitlyn Kline is a director at Rubicon md, who served as our mc for the event. 


  1. Four different perspectives on career pivots, especially related to pivoting from government to private sector and/or entrepreneurial ventures. 
  2. How to think about transferrable skills, especially when you are seeking a position in an industry that might be new to you. 
  3. Ways to develop your own brand identity. 
  4. Why it can be difficult to develop and share your own point of view when you go out on your own.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Because of the live nature of the event, the audio quality for this episode is not what you have become accustomed to if you are a regular listener to this podcast. I apologize for that, but ultimately I decided that the content was both important enough and useful enough to share with you. I have also included a very helpful transcript that you can download which can be helpful as you listen along.


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