271. Your closet, your pantry, and your emotional attachments! Decluttering tips just in time for the holidays!

With Carrie Peeples
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Episode 271: Your closet, your pantry and your emotional attachments! Decluttering tips just in time for the holidays!

Guest: Carrie Peeples, master home organizer, founder Neat Smart


Getting your closet, pantry, business and life organized can help create a greater sense of calm. That’s true at any time, but especially with the holiday quickly approaching. 

You might ask yourself, what does home organizing have to do with influence? 

When we think about influence, one part of building and sustaining influence requires that we make investments in ourselves, in ways that help us create the conditions where we can thrive and succeed — in this case, investing the time to get more organized. 



Carrie Peeples is passionate about helping people make their lives easier by getting their homes organized. After years of advising family and friends, she started Marietta, Georgia-based Neat Smart in 2012, because she saw first-hand how much happier, relaxed, peaceful and in control people were after she helped them create systems to get them organized. But the real key, was making sure that the systems she created for them were easy for THEM to maintain. Carrie shares helpful organizing tips and products on Instagram @NeatSmart . 



  • How the stories we tell ourselves impact how we think about our stuff.
  • The role of shame in home organization.
  • Carrie’s home organizing philosophy. 
  • A few pre holiday organizing tips to get your holidays kicked off on the best footing — so you can spend more time enjoying yourself and less time looking for missing stuff!
  • A life-changing spice organization trick! (at least life -changing for me!)
  • We also hear about Carrie’s big career pivot that led to the creation of Neat Smart.



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