270. Building the luxury fashion brand Frances Valentine while navigating change and loss

With Elyce Arons
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Episode 270: Building the luxury fashion brand Frances Valentine while navigating change and loss

GUEST: Elyce Arons, CEO and co-founder Frances Valentine

We’ve been talking a lot about change this season:  How to think about change, how to navigate it, and how best to plan for change that you can’t possibly know is coming. 

This week, we’ll tackle another important dimension related to change — a topic that will especially resonate with entrepreneurs: What if your business partner, who also happens to be your best friend, passes away suddenly?

This week’s guest faced that double loss, but her story illustrates the importance of perspective, and of continuing to build on a dream in ways that honor the memory and shared dream. 


ABOUT THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Elyce Arons is the CEO and co-founder of luxury fashion and accessory brand Frances Valentine.  Elyce co-founded that company along with her best friend, the late Kate Spade and Kate’s husband, Andy Spade. They created FV after the group had a very successful run in co-creating and ultimately selling the Kate Spade Company to Neiman Marcus back in 2006. 



How Elyce, and her best friend and co-founder Kate Spade, envisioned and created the unique Frances Valentine brand. 

How Elyce navigated the very difficult transition of losing Kate.  

How Elyce hit the pause button at the top of her career to spend time investing in her family and other interests (such great perspective for anyone contemplating a career break!)

How Elyce thinks about sustainability, catalogs, retail stores, and lots more! 



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