269. Designing your work space (and your life) to combat stress

With Dr. Esther Sternberg
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269. Title: Designing your work space (and your life) to combat stress

Guest: Dr. Esther Sternberg


Who doesn’t struggle with stress? While stress is a normal part of our daily existence, the way we design our work spaces can be a big contributor to our stress level, and I’m not just talking about managing the clutter!

When unaddressed, constant stress takes a toll on our overall health, and on our resilience which we need to help us bounce back, especially when our immunity is challenged. Stress also impacts our focus. Lack of focus can prevent us from accomplishing goals, or creating the impact and the influence we hope to have on the world. 

This week’s incredibly accomplished guest gives us some cutting-edge insights that will change the way you think about your workspace — home or office, and how it fits an integrated approach to your health and wellness. 


ABOUT THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Dr. Esther Sternberg is a pioneer in the field of mind, body, stress, and wellness and how your environment and surroundings impact those aspects of your life. A scholar and professor of medicine, psychology, architecture, landscape architecture and planning at the University of Arizona, has published several popular books including her latest: “Well At Work: Creating Wellbeing In Any Workspace.” 

Starting her career as a rheumatologist, Dr. Sternberg spent 26 years at the National Institutes of Health, before finding her way to the field of integrated medicine. Her work has been transformative in many areas including how the American Institute of Architects considers office design today. You’ll find her full, impressive bio below. 



 The best ways to destress your work space beyond decluttering. 

What resilience really means in the context of our health and disease prevention. 

Why all sound is not created equal, even when set at the same decibel. 

Why environmental stress — even when experienced early in the day — can still impact your sleep. 

How you can incorporate the seven components of integrated health into your life. 

Cactus or orchid? Which plants provide the greatest de-stressing benefits. 

Why tapping into “meaning” is key to stress management and resilience. 


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Dr. Ester Sternberg

Dr. Sternberg’s latest book: “Well At Work: Creating Wellbeing In Any Workspace.”

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