268. Is your profile photo and visual brand undermining your influence?

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

Title: Is your profile photo and visual brand undermining your influence? 

Episode 268


How much thought do you give to the visual elements of your personal brand? Is your profile photo — the one you use for social media and specifically Linked In — sending a message that is consistent with the other aspects of your brand? What are potential customers, clients or future employers thinking when they see your profile photo? Does it transmit, “I’m the person for the job”, or “I couldn’t care less about personal brand”?

“Branding,” even when it’s unintentional or haphazard, is an important part of an overall influence strategy. When the message is visual, it can seem subtle, but can communicate an unmistakably powerful message — good, or not good. Failing to pay attention to this element of branding signals missed opportunity, and maybe lack of attention to details that can matter to future opportunities. 

This week, in the latest episode in our mini series focused on ways to make your career more recession proof (or “bulletproof”), I’m talking about the importance of the profile photo and some cost effective ways to create the image that best supports who you are, and positions you for opportunities.   



Is the message you are sending through your profile image the one you intend? 

How to find a photographer at a reasonable price. 

Other cost cutting measures to create powerful brand images. 

Tips on creating and using Iphone photo headshots. 

Bargain tips for hair and makeup. 

How one stop shopping for brand images can save you money (by saving you time) in the long run. 

Why you should regularly audit your social media profiles.  



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