263. Is a “never enough” mindset holding you back?

With Manisha Thakor
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TITLE: “Is never enough thinking keeping you stuck?”


GUEST: Manisha Thakor

TOPIC: Ever find yourself in a job that you once loved but that doesn’t serve you as well anymore? Or maybe, you’d really love to do something else, but the financial incentives of the job you have make it difficult to give it up? Could there be another reason — beyond just the comp — for why you stay put? 

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves about our career decisions might be masking a deeper story and narrative. As this week’s guest shares, the story that fueled her “never enough” approach to work ultimately put her health at risk, not to mention the relationships she lost along the way. 

Learning to listen for those deeper messages, and to ask ourselves some tough questions is key to maintaining a healthier balance between work and life. It’s also key to achieving something she calls “Money Zen.”


THIS WEEK’S GUEST: A former investment banker, Manisha Thakor is a financial wellness expert and the author of “Money Zen: The Secret to Finding Your ‘Enough’”. 

She wrote the book for anyone who has ever felt that “they can never measure up.” In our conversation, Manisha shares how she overcame this mindset related to work and money. 



  • How childhood experiences (including sometimes even minor ones) may be impacting your mindset related to money and your own definition of what’s “enough.” 
  • Why “busy badges” might have more to do with avoidance than with “busy.”
  • How you can create a regular practice for sparking creativity and innovation, and why doing so can help you create additional career prospects and opportunities for yourself. 


FEEDBACK: I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. Have you ever felt the crush that Manisha describes of not being enough? Has it fueled your work in ways that are less than healthy? I’d love to hear about it. You can message me on Instagram, Linked In, Facebook or Threads. You’ll find me @ laura cox kaplan . 



Manisha’s book: “Money Zen: The Secret to Finding Your Enough”

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