260. Feeling the post summer vacation overwhelm? I have 8 tips to help YOU!

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Show Notes

SHOW NOTES Episode 260

Title: Eight tips to help YOU tackle post vacation overwhelm


Is there anything better than getting away? Unplugging is key for recharging your body, mind and spirit, and often for giving us more space to reconnect with those we love. It can also do wonders to boost our creativity and make us more innovative and better problem solvers. 

But….how about coming back from a vacation? How about the piles of laundry, the beach sand covering every surface as you unload your bags, the piles of mail and bills, and what about back-to-school to dos? It can all feel incredibly overwhelming, and that lovely recharge can immediately feel like a very distant memory within hours of returning home. 

This week, as I return home from my own summer recharge, I wanted to share eight of my favorite tips that help me manage overwhelm, and some of the mixed emotion that come after a break as I ease back into my regular schedule. 

I’m sure you have tips to add to my list, so please pass those along as well. 



I’m solo this week as we launch our new season!


  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Why corralling, grouping, and decluttering helps you create more brains space 
  • The importance of having a system — even a simple one — for prioritizing
  • Remembering to reflect on or capture those sparks of inspiration (even ones that are not fully formed ideas) 
  • Some of the science that supports why these tips work
  • and a preview of some of our new episodes this season!


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