259. How to navigate a major career or life disruption

With Maggie Craddock
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Show Notes

Title: How to navigate a major career or life disruption

ENCORE Episode 259

Guest: Executive Coach and author Maggie Craddock



Have you ever had your career or life dramatically upended? As you think back on the experience, you likely can recall the feelings of fear, uncertainty, and lost control, and how disorienting, unsettling, and incredibly stressful, all of that can be. 

All of those things can leave us struggling to find our footing, and most importantly, our way forward. 

I’ve pulled this conversation from our archives because it’s packed with great perspective to help you navigate those major disruptions. It will also give you great tools needed to turn those disruptive experiences into influence-building capital. 

If there’s one thing that defined the past several years, disruption in our lives has been a theme…. And learning to navigate those disruptiions has become the name of the game and the essential ingredient for personal and professional growth and survival. That’s largely been true no matter what you job or vocation may be or have been. 



Maggie Craddock is an executive coach and the author of Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption. 

Maggie has worked with clients at all professional levels — from those just entering the workforce, to midlife pivoters, all the way up to Fortune 500 CEOs. She’s been featured on top business news shows as well as in leading publications including the wall street journaL and the Harvard Business Review. 

Despite Maggie’s two plus decades of experience as an exec coach, that’s not where her career started as she explains in our conversation. 

Much of her work today focuses on understanding behaviors and behavioral dynamics in the workplace, and her most recent book focuses on navigating career change and disruption and drawing parallels between leadership mistakes made on the Titanic, as well as Lifeboat #6. 



  • The value an executive coach can provide when you are struggling or stuck. 
  • Why emotional agility under pressure is so important and how you can learn to develop it. 
  • How our personal narratives can impact how we respond to circumstances and stress.
  • Where to start when your career or life dramatically shifts and you need to put it all back together.  
  • The parallels Maggie draws between leadership failures on the Titanic, and everyday leadership challenges combine for powerful perspective that has withstood the test of time. 



Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption

About Maggie Craddock 


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