258. How to use your pocketbook to create more influence. ENCORE EPISODE: Venture capital investor Carrie Colbert

With Carrie Colbert
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Title: How to use your pocketbook to create more influence! Encore Episode

Episode 258

Guest: Carrie Colbert, founder Curate Capital


This week’s topic:  Every decision we make and action we take gives us an opportunity to build or leverage our influence. That’s true in how we engage with others, but it’s also true related to things like where we spend and invest our money. As women, we often have more buying power and potential for impact through our pocketbook than we may realize. 

It’s one of the reasons why I find such value in showcasing female entrepreneurs and business owners, and why I like to give them some additional exposure on this platform. 

This week’s ENCORE guest is no exception! 


THIS WEEK’S GUEST:  Carrie Colbert is the founder of Houston, Texas-based Curate Capital, a venture capital fund that Carrie created to invest in women owned companies and help them accelerate their growth. 

Carrie joined me earlier this year as part of our collaboration series with The Southern Coterie network. Even if entrepreneurship isn’t your thing, I promise there is much to learn from these incredible women that you can apply to your own career and life pivots. 

As summer starts to wind down and I share a few overlooked and particularly compelling take aways from past guests, I hope you are enjoying this little trip down memory lane and finding some great material to inspire you as we head into Fall. 


What you’ll learn from this episode: 


How Carrie traded in the world of oil and gas investment for an Instagram influencer side hustle and then parlayed those things into building her firm, Curate Capital. 


How to figure out “what’s next?” 


A few things you should know before you invest, and what it means to be “an accredited investor.” 


How to craft a great pitch that gets Carrie’s attention. 



Curate Capital 

The Southern Coterie

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