255. SPECIAL BONUS: How understanding influence and the power of story can help you navigate career pivots

With Dr. Laura Camacho
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Title: How understanding influence and the power of story can help you navigate career pivots 

BONUS Episode 255

SPECIAL GUEST HOST: This week’s guest host is Communications coach Dr. Laura Camacho, host of the “Speak Up With Laura” podcast. Laura turns the mic on me for a special podcast exchange conversation 


Have you ever struggled to navigate a big career pivot? It might even be something that you are working through right now? 

If so, you won’t want to miss this week’s BONUS episode! 

We’re doing something different this week because I’m turning the mic around and Dr. Laura Camacho is interviewing me for her podcast Speak Up with Laura. We actually recorded this conversation earlier this year, and Laura has graciously shared the audio with me so that I can share the conversation here with you. You’ll also want to check out my ENCORE conversation with Laura which is Episode 254. 


Understanding influence and the ways to build it can help you navigate pivots, including and especially the scary parts. 

Laura and I both share advice for how to brag most effectively.  

Why sharing your setbacks (or failures) and what you learned from them can be a differentiating asset and particularly compelling aspect of your story.

The key elements in my influence framework. 

How you can position yourself for board service. 

How to create allies, build your network, and turn an interaction into a longer term relationship with a potential mentor.  



Dr. Laura Camacho is a communications coach, the author of “The Practical Guide to Effective Communications,” and the host of “Speak Up with Laura” podcast. One of Laura’s particular specialties is helping those who might identify as introverts to more effectively communicate their contribution, and the value of their work. 

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She Said/She Said Podcast episode 254 with Dr. Laura Camacho

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