254. Are you getting recognized for the valuable work you are doing?

With Dr. Laura Camacho
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Title: How to communicate your value at work. 

ENCORE Episode 254

Guest: Dr. Laura Camacho, communications coach, author, and host of “Speak Up with Laura” podcast

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC:  Tell me if this sounds anything like you: You put your head down and work, work, work. But, all that work, work, work hasn’t necessarily led to big promotions for you. What gives? Or maybe you were laid off, and your boss explained that it was because the company wasn’t clear what you actually do all day and how you add value. 

These challenges may boil down to how effectively you are communicating not just the work itself, but the value you are providing, and how you are able to think about and communicate your value not only to the team, but more broadly. 

If you are a regular listener to She Said/She Said Podcast, you know that a particularly important dimension needed to build and sustain influence is story. The power of story applies in how we think about our value and how we communicate it, and how it helps us create more visibility for the value we are already providing. 

Today’s encore conversation dives into this topic and gives you lots to think about and some great tools for communicating your value so that you can build more visibility, and ultimately more influence!  

EDITORIAL NOTE: Episode 254 is an encore episode and part of a podcast exchange with fellow podcast host Dr. Laura Camacho. Next week, I’ll be sharing the conversation Laura and I had on her podcast where we talk more about influence and the influence framework I’ve developed and how it can help you navigate and better utilize whatever life throws your way! 

ABOUT THIS WEEK’S GUEST: Dr. Laura Camacho is a communications coach, the author of “The Practical Guide to Effective Communications,” and the host of “Speak Up with Laura” podcast. One of Laura’s particular specialties is helping those who might identify as introverts to more effectively communicate their contribution, and the value of their work. 


The link between effective communications and influence.

How to increase your visibility at work and why it matters.

The impact of using the right (or wrong) language, and how to avoid “Self-sabotaging language”. 

Introverts and extroverts and how each processes information differently.

Why the advice to “just speak up more” isn’t particularly good advice for building credibility and influence. 

Beware “overthinking” when someone asks for your view.

The role of emotion and how to create intention around it. 


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