247. How to get more value from a work break

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Title: How can you get more value from a break from work? Or a sabbatical? 

Episode 247


Have you ever found yourself less recharged and renewed after a planned break than you had hoped? Or, maybe you take an actual sabbatical only to find that you aren’t feeling more rejuvenated and inspired at the end of it, and haven’t accomplished what you had hoped? 

Taking a break can allow us to reflect on our progress, challenges, and goals. It’s an important investment we can make in ourselves. It is also an important dimension needed to build and sustain influence. In order to get the most value from breaks there are a few specific things we can do to maximize that investment.  

THIS WEEK’S GUEST: I’m solo this week! As we jump into summer, I wanted to share a few pieces of my best advice for how to get even more value from a work break or sabbatical. These are some of my tested (and retested) strategies, as well as some great crowdsourced advice from a few previous pod guests. Please share any additional tips you have that I can put to use and share with others! 



Here are some of the best ways to get the most value from your work break, recharge or sabbatical: 

  1. Be intentional and create a plan.
  2. A “recharge” is not the same thing as a family vacation or trip, but there are a few ways you can also maximize your recharge during family trips.
  3. Set some boundaries (this is by far the most difficult).
  4. Guilt and self doubt might join you on your break. 
  5. Ease into and back out of a recharge or break.
  6. Build in some additional time for reflection and make sure to capture those “lightening bolt ideas”.
  7. Life happens even with the best of plans! Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t accomplish all that you set out to do. 

I’d love to hear any tips you have for maximizing and getting the most value from a recharge.  You can reach me via the link in the show notes which you’ll find here in Episode 247: shesaidshesaidpodcast.com .  or email me and the she said team directly: @ info@shesaid.media

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