244. Ever Have Trouble Hearing Constructive or Negative Feedback? A Skills Checklist Can Help!

With Laura Cox Kaplan
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Title: Ever Have Trouble Hearing Constructive Or Negative Feedback? A Skills Checklist Can Help!

Episode 244

Guest: I’m solo for this week’s quick tip episode!


Ever find receiving constructive or negative feedback really difficult? Intellectually, you already know how valuable feedback — especially constructive feedback — can be for improving your performance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to navigate the emotion around receiving it. 

In this week’s QUICK TIP / CAREER TOOL KIT Episode, I’m sharing one of my favorite tools that works for navigating challenging feedback. This tip has the added benefit of providing a confidence boost as well! 

Finding tools that help us navigate the tricky areas of life and career is an important investment we can make in ourselves, and it can be an important key toward building our personal influence. 



What a skills checklist is and how to create one for yourself. 

Four steps to make the skills checklist work for you: 

  • Brainstorm
  • Categorize
  • Prioritize
  • Update


How the skills checklist can help you navigate constructive feedback.  


Do you keep a running skills checklist or inventory for yourself? If so, let me know any additional tips you have for making the process work well for you. I’d love to hear! You can reach me via the link in the show notes which you’ll find here in Episode 244: shesaidshesaidpodcast.com .  or email me and the she said team directly: @ info@shesaid.media

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