243. How to untangle your identity from your organization, and tell your best story

With Laura Fravel
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Title: “How to untangle your identity from your organization, and tell your best story”

Episode 243

Guest: Laura Fravel, executive communication coach


Have you ever found yourself so tangled up in your organization’s identity and brand that you aren’t sure where you begin and end? 

This can be particularly problematic when you decide it’s time to leave the organization, or if you decide to pivot into something entirely different. 

Crafting a personal brand and narrative that best reflects your value and experience can be tricky, but is essential to building your most influential brand. 


Executive communication coach and expert storyteller Laura Fravel helps me break this down. Laura has crisscrossed the globe telling stories for a wide range of organizations and executives including Netflix, Amazon, and the New York Times, among many others. She spent 20 years in television and documentary film production before pivoting into directly advising individuals in their storytelling and brand journeys. 



How to unwind your identity from your organization’s.  

Why everyone loving your work might be a sign you’re not differentiating yourself enough. 

How you can balance authenticity and vulnerability to create the most impact when sharing your story. 

How to identify and deal with aspects of perfection. 

How to avoid a common trap when crafting your most compelling story. 


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