238. How to harness your creative gifts and build your unique brand with Lele Sadoughi

With Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi
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Title: “How to harness your creative gifts and build your unique brand”

Episode 238

Guest: Lisa “Lele” Sadoughi


One of the secrets to building a strong brand — for your company or for yourself — means tapping into the power of your unique story and those elements that make you and your business special. This can be a challenging, but when you’re clear on your core values and you’re aligning them with the things that you are passionate about, and using those things to help you create a product or a service that can then contribute to someone else, it can make all the difference. It can also help you differentiate yourself and your product in a powerful way! 

Tapping into what makes us unique and living in that uniqueness is also key to building influence. In this week’s conversation, I’m talking to the “queen of the headband” — an embellishment artist who has taken “dopamine dressing,” but more specifically “dopamine accessorizing” to a new, colorful, and sparkly level! 



Lisa — also known as “Lele” — Sadoughi is the founder and creative genius behind her bejeweled, namesake brand Lele Sadoughi. 

My conversation with Lele is part of our collaboration series with The Southern Coterie. Over the past few weeks, I have been talking with incredible entrepreneurs and founders who are part of The Southern C network and who are sharing their expertise to help others. Whether you are already in the throes of running your business, just launching one, or maybe just thinking about what might be next, I think you’ll find great value in all of these conversations. 

Lele Sadoughi started her celebrated, colorful jewelry and accessory brand after working with an impressive roster of well-known brands — think Rebecca Taylor, Ippolita, and Tory Burch.  She also launched the first ever J.Crew costume jewelry collection before deciding to launch her own brand in 2012. 

What started with jewelry and accessories — most notably the bejeweled headband– has now expanded to include a range of other accessories including wallpapers. Each has a fun, colorful aesthetic that is very uniquely Lele Sadoughi. 



How Lele got her start.

Why leaning into your passion (v. what others may be telling you) can be key to creating your business and your unique brand. 

How Lele manages her creative energy and her tips on finding inspiration. 

How to leverage the power of collaboration and Lele’s tips for picking the right partners (and walking away when it’s not working).

Lele’s advice for knowing when to pivot or expand, and why she advises brands to grow at their own pace. 


“Realize that you don’t know how to do everything. Surround yourself with good, smart, trustworthy people who can make you a success and don’t try to do all the things that you don’t know how to do.”

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Lele Sadoughi

The Southern Coterie


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