236. “How to have a bigger impact and increase your influence by rethinking your investment strategy” with venture capital investor Carrie Colbert, Curate Capital 

With Carrie Colbert
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TITLE: “How to have a bigger impact and increase your influence by rethinking your investment strategy” with venture capital investor Carrie Colbert, Curate Capital   



You’ve no doubt heard or received the advice to make sure your personal financial investment portfolio is diversified. But what about making sure that you are thinking about both influence and impact as you think about ways to diversify your financial strategy? 

As we build our careers and our businesses, it can be incredibly easy to put things like our investment strategies on the back burner. But in reality, a thoughtful and diversified approach to your financial investments can help give you additional options if/when you do decide to pivot from a job or try something completely new, including the possibility of turning your side hustle into your full time business. 

NOTE: Today’s conversation should not take the place of more personalized advice and review of your investment strategy, but it will give you lots to think about as you consider how your portfolio can help you build influence and impact in the process of saving for your future. 

If you find discussion of personal investing a bit too esoteric or frankly worry about putting your hard earned dollars at risk, this week’s guest will give you a different way of thinking about your investment strategy. And, she’ll make a hard sell on why women like you and me are actually the answer to increasing badly needed funding for women owned companies.

HOW DOES THIS TOPIC RELATE TO HELPING YOU BUILD INFLUENCE?  Quite simply, financial independence gives us freedom and autonomy. It also can enable us to invest in areas that are personally as well as financially rewarding. 



This week’s conversation continues our collaboration series with The Southern Coterie, my guest this week is Carrie Colbert. Carrie is the founder and CEO of Houston-based Curate Capital, a venture capital fund that Carrie created to invest in women owned companies to help accelerate their growth. 

Her results continually speak for themselves, as her fund has consistently seen solid returns on its investments in many of her carefully selected portfolio companies. 


  • Carrie’s path to entrepreneurship and to running her own investment fund is a great example of continually leveraging what you’ve learned to build something new. 
  • Because Carrie didn’t limit herself to staying within a particular industry sector, it gave her a new platform for influence and ultimately impact, as well as an incredibly novel way of expanding support for women owned companies in need of outside funding. 
  • How Carrie took what she learned from the world of oil and gas investment and traded it in for an Instagram influencer side hustle, and how that influencer hobby became part of her education and grew her passion for investing in women owned companies. 
  • What you should know about becoming an “accredited investor,” and why it’s a lot less complicated than it sounds! 
  • How you can follow Carrie’s path and invest your own money in women-owned companies.
  • What you need to know when putting a pitch together that’s headed to Carrie’s desk. 
  • How Carrie talks about her big career pivots and the process she used for figuring out what was next for her. 

There is so much great advice and perspective in this episode, and I’m excited to hear your feedback. Are you rethinking your own investment strategy? Or maybe some additional ways that you can increase your impact? Please be sure to let me know. I’d love to hear!  You can reach me via the link in the show notes which you’ll find at shesaidshesaidpodcast.com (click on Episode 236), or email me directly: info@shesaid.media

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