234. “How to create real sustainability in your career and business” with guest Ashley Miles

With Ashley Miles
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Title: “How to create real sustainability in your business and career”

Episode 234 

Guest: Ashley Miles, founder of Franklyn West


When you burn the candle at both ends, eventually you end up depleting yourself.  Your tank runs dry and you have no energy left to refuel. It feels terrible. It can also directly impact your ability to build and sustain the influence you need to accomplish your bigger goals. 

This week’s guest provides an interesting take on the topic which she approaches from the standpoint of sustainability! 


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Self-described former workaholic Ashley Miles is the founder of Franklyn West, an on demand consulting firm she created during covid in response to a dramatically changing work environment.  Seeing an opportunity, she developed what she refers to as “a Swiss Army Knife” approach to quickly addressing business challenges by leveraging her network as outside talent who can help employees and senior leaders navigate change.  

The principles she uses to help business create a sustainable, adaptable existence, also apply as we think about the best ways to manage ourselves— specifically our energy and our time. 

Prior to creating Franklyn West, Ashley served as the Global Chief Business Officer at Thrive Global, reporting directly to Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington, leading worldwide sales, marketing and business operations. Before that, she spent more than six years building and scaling Refinery29, a leading digital media and entertainment company for women.   



How and why Ashley created Franklyn West, and the problem she set out to solve. 

How Ashley thinks about influence as she’s built a network that ultimately provides on demand talent to Franklyn West clients. 

Why Ashley looks at the dramatically shifting nature of work as an opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. 

How to manage your internal staff when you bring in outside help. 

Ashley explains why a “pivotal power agenda growth plan” matters.

How Ashely’s approach to identifying business “superpowers” also applies to helping individuals find their own.  

Ashley’s advice for building and expanding your network, and why it’s important to have a plan in mind. 

How giving back fits into a personal sustainability strategy. 

Ashley’s Five Filters for creating a sustainable life that prioritizes balance and alignment. 

Ashley’s advice for how you can create a “Hot List” to control your checklist.


QUOTE: “You are who you surround yourself with. When you surround yourself with people who inspire you, who show up with not only great skills and success, but with values and integrity, that’s who you become.” — Ashley Miles




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