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Making Your Career Comeback, Or Pivoting Into A New Role? You’re In The Right Place! (Newsletter 2.14.20)

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Make deflecting, filtering & using “criticism” your secret sauce

[This article first appeared on Medium and is reprinted with permission]

4 min read – by Laura Cox Kaplan

A common trait of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to throw caution to…

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Reflections on 2019…. 80 She Said/She Said episodes and counting….


As 2019 draws to a close, I’ve just posted our final podcast for the year — an inspiring conversation with Nancy…

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Why She Said/She Said: Enriching the Conversation about Women’s Leadership

Too often, conversations aimed at women are one-sided, simplistic, and characterize all women as having the same view on policy, success, and leadership. If we really want to encourage and empower…

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The Policy Circle: Innovative Approach to Increase Civic Engagement

There are countless examples of great leadership — some bold and dramatic, some subtle, but none the less impactful. As I sat talking with Sylvie Legere Ricketts, with whom I’ve developed a…

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Talking Sex & World Peace with Valerie Hudson, Ph.D., George H.W. Bush Chair at Texas A&M University

It’s not difficult to understand why Valerie Hudson is beloved by her students. As the George H.W. Bush Chair of The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University,…

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Rudeness is Contagious (thankfully so is civility!)

Sitting in the beautiful living room of Lea Berman’s elegant, historic home (one of the oldest in Washington, DC), we talked with Lea about her new book “Treating People Well” and heard…

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