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Ever find yourself getting stuck, or hitting a wall creatively speaking? Even if you are not in a “creative” field, this is something most of us will struggle with at some point. As my vocation and existence have become much more entrepreneurial, I find this happens quite a lot and it has forced me to revisit and to seek new tools and tactics that help me push forward.

One of my favorite books for sparking creativity (and getting unstuck) is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She writes about opening yourself up to possibilities that come from a Divine source, thus enabling you to let go and to open yourself up to the magic that already lies within. It’s such a beautiful and freeing concept, and one that I often find unlocks and inspires lots of possibilities, including ones beyond the particular challenge with which I might have been wrestling!

Often the biggest obstacle to what we want to achieve is the person who lives within. You probably know her …. She looks like you. She watches you in the mirror each morning as you brush your teeth. She notices every little flaw, and stresses over each one. She takes an overly cautious approach to most everything, and erects lots of reasons why something won’t work. She’s not your enemy, even though at times she may be unkind. She sees her job as protecting you, and she does her job well. Even though her intentions are good, if allowed, she will often stand in the way and block not only creativity, but potential, insight, and even magic….. I know this person well. While she is often a frustrating part of my existence, she means well. I can’t get rid of her, I actually wouldn’t want to. She does play a role, but that role isn’t being in charge. Any of this ring a bell with you?

I find that I need to tell my own “helpful” friend, “it’s time for you to take a break and let someone else drive for a while”….  I have to help her to trust in the Divine — to use Julia’s reference — by rethinking or reframing otherwise discouraging comments, and by learning to respect the work for what it is. Julia’s tools are especially helpful here.

We each possess inherent magic….it’s another way of thinking about our own special gift(s) to the world. It can sometimes be difficult to find those gifts, and to trust them, but when we do, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

I was thinking a lot about all of this as I was working through a particular challenge this week — a recurring one actually, and was also thinking about all of the unsettling change and uncertainty we’ve witnessed over the past few weeks and months. We’ve all had to draw from a reserve and to trust both ourselves and the Divine. As I think back to many of the most powerful conversations we’ve had on the podcast, I often see evidence of this faith and ability to trust in something much bigger, much grander, and much more Divine than ourselves.

This week’s guest provides another great example of trusting her instincts, doubling down on what she loves, and using all of that to create something completely new and amazing. Her story is reflective of a big life pivot, but it shows great creativity and a passion for helping others and impacting their lives in a new way. More about Dr. Annie Fenn, founder of the Brain Health Kitchen below.

So, I’m wondering….. What works for you when you get stuck? I’d love to know, or to hear if you’ve ever used the resource I mention above. Even if you are not in a field typically considered “creative,” check it out! It’s great stuff!

As always, thanks for reading — and hopefully listening to the podcast as well! I hope you are finding some valuable “brain fuel” in the form of ideas that inspire you and that give a lift and some added positivity for your day, and your week.

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Take care, and be safe!

See you next week….xoxo Laura

[PHOTO: my original copy from 1996-ish]

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