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Ever found yourself even more determined to do something just because someone told you, “you can’t,” or “you’re not allowed”? Yep, me too! This week’s guest on She Said/She Said fully embodies this spirit. Kate Boyer is the CEO of Anatomie, a luxury activewear company based in Miami, Floria. Kate grew up under a communist regime in Budapest, Hungary before the fall of the Soviet Union. In our conversation, Kate talks about how much she disliked the idea that everyone had to be the same and no one was free to embrace creativity and pursue their passions. 

“We had no choice. That was part of the communist thing…which I could never understand. I just felt like I had more in my heart and soul and bones to do with my life. Back then, it was not acceptable. There was no entrepreneurship,” Kate said. 
Kate’s defiance to run away from what was expected and the resilience to make it on her own runs through Kate’s veins. It also runs through the DNA of the company she started and then expanded with her co-founder, husband, and company chief designer Shawn.

In some of the same ways Kate rejected sameness, she instinctively embraces a practical, quality-driven, sustainable approach to women’s clothing. That mindset forms the basis of what has become Antaomie, a customer-centric brand that values customer input and feedback, but stays firmly focused on what it does best. That laser focus is what has enabled Kate to quickly pivot the business to make up for revenue lost due to Covid-19. [Read more below]

Like so many of the women entrepreneurs I’ve talked to on the podcast — both before and during COVID, there is a consistency to their determination and their resilience. Not taking “no” for an answer, and not letting someone dissuade them from what they knew in their hearts they were meant to do has often been a common theme.

I find great inspiration in stories like these and I hope you do too. Let me know what you think! 

I’m keeping today’s update a bit shorter this week as I’m ready to start the weekend…. I’ll bet you are too! 

But before we do, I just want you to know that I’m grateful for YOU. For the time you spend with us, and for all the wonderful feedback you send along. I hope you find this content valuable and that it makes your day a little brighter and your own journey just a little bit easier. Please let me know what you think!

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