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If you’ve lost track, or stopped looking at your calendar (which is entirely understandable), Mother’s Day is Sunday! There’s still time to order flowers, and to reflect on your mom and the other amazing women in your life who have helped to shape you into the amazing woman you are today!

When I think about Mother’s Day, I think about my own beautiful Mom and the sacrifices she made for me growing up, her dedication and love which I am beyond grateful for, but I also think about two of my mom’s own role models — my amazing grandmothers who survived and and in many ways thrived in rural Texas in the Great Depression, and later WWII. These were incredible women of grit and determination who could wrestle poisonous snakes or other similar critters while simultaneously baking a cake and steeping iced tea on the back porch! Snakes were always a part of life growing up in Texas, and my maternal grandmother would from time to time find them inside the house. On at least one occasion, a Copperhead made its way into her living room only to meet my grandmother with her garden hoe. She scooped up the snake and managed to toss it into the backyard without calling for help or missing a beat. When later asked why she didn’t use the hoe to chop off the snake’s head when she found it in the house, she replied, “For heaven sake, it would have ruined my carpet!” I’d say that qualifies as grit!

My childhood memories are filled with stories like that and when I’m feeling overwhelmed and uncertain I often think about these women and what they might have done when faced with similar obstacles. Their faith was always an important centering force, and with it the knowledge that they were fulfilling a higher mission and calling — as moms, sisters, wives, friends, and neighbors. I think about that in the way we define impact in our She Said/She Said conversations. Each woman who shares her story defines “impact” on her own terms. The consistency across conversations lies in how impact serves as a positive source of personal energy and fuel. It’s one of the many things I’ve loved about and learned from these conversations. It’s a beautiful thing and never fails to leave me inspired! I hope the same is true for you!

My two guests this week are no exception. Both amazing women who also happen to be moms and who are creative and passionate in ways that add value to their own children and to others.

In Episode 103, I sit down via Zoom with my wonderful pal — entrepreneur, author, and home transition expert Caroline Carter. I’ve benefitted personally from Caroline’s tremendous expertise, as well as her mentorship. In this conversation, she discusses some home projects you might want to embark on given the continued economic uncertainty ahead. And, she gives great advice for managing the process of sorting through and editing our stuff, or in her words our “emotional ivy.”

Caroline also talks about the creation and evolution of her business and her goal to share value with an increasingly larger audience. See more episode details below.

In Episode 104, we head into the kitchen to talk food with Washington Post Food Video Editor and Host of The Quarantine Cooking Show Mary Beth Albright. From pantry staples to food safety and public health there is so much great information in this episode! Not to mention the fact that Mary Beth is not only brilliant, but an amazing human, and so much fun!

Next week …. I’ll post my conversation with leading political journalist, author, and host of The Story — Martha MacCallum!

As always, I’m grateful for you, for the time you spend with us, and for all the wonderful feedback you send along. Most of all, I hope you continue to find this content valuable and that it makes your day a bit brighter and your own journey just a little bit easier. Please let me know what you think! 

Sending much love to all of you, but especially to Moms!

Be safe and be well!


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