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Happy Friday! 

Before we dive in…. Please take just a couple of seconds right now and pause … Take a big, deep breath (maybe two or three) and tell yourself “You did your best.” Give yourself a nice pat on the back for surviving another week in pandemic quarantine! You may have had some doubts along the way, and more than a few challenges that rocked you, but you did it! It wasn’t perfect (I’m guessing…based on my own experience and what I’ve seen you post on Insta, FB and Twitter), but here we are! Yeah YOU! I’m proud of you! But, more importantly, YOU should be proud of YOU too! This is really tough. Much is being required of you and it’s hard. So, again, YEAH you!

I’m so happy that you are sticking with me and these little updates which I hope are giving you a positive distraction, good vibes, insight and energy as we plow through the next few days, and weeks, and well…. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?! 

It’s important to celebrate milestones. If we are lucky, life continues — even in quarantine. It’s not the same, of course. We miss life “before,” we’re scared, and we’re uncertain. But, this can be really good too if we stop thinking so much about “the way we used to do it” and more about how we can make the most of “the way we need to do it now.”  The amazing Mary Katharine Ham, who joined me for episode 99 earlier this week, provides the absolute best perspective on this of anyone I know. Don’t miss this conversation (see links below). She’s incredibly courageous and thoughtful, and will make you feel better. I promise!

Today, She Said/She Said and I reached a milestone of our own — we published our 100th episode! And I was especially blessed to mark the occasion with my wonderful, upbeat and inspiring friend Dana Perino who is featured in this episode! (see links below).

While I’m really proud of all the hard work that went into reaching this point, and I’m really thankful for the team and advisers who have supported me (some out of the goodness of their hearts!!), I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL of you who have supported me in this goal. Your kind words, participation, feedback, advice, love, friendship…. All of it overwhelms me with gratitude. I’m taking a few minutes today to enjoy this and to reflect on not only the past 100 episodes — (shameless plug: all available wherever you listen to podcasts, on the website, and some on our new quarantine-inspired YouTube Channel)— but also on what the past few weeks in particular have meant.

Like everyone else, if you are to keep going, you have to evolve and to embrace a different “normal,” at least for now. For me, it meant learning new technology, and doing more of the things that I’ve been a little squeamish about.

Some of the lessons I’ve learned over the past few weeks are some of the most powerful  — at least for me. The conversations with entrepreneurs and hearing their positivity in spite of real honest to goodness uncertainty is incredibly uplifting. Their creativity also blows me away. As we’ve talked about several times, creativity and anxiety really can’t exist alongside each other. It’s one or the other. So, curl up under your desk from time to time when you need to, but then try hard to find ways that calm your mind and your spirit so that you can put anxiety and fear aside. For most people, even small things like deep breathing, walks in nature, hugging children with whom you are already quarantined (or perhaps escaping from said children for a few minutes — no judgement!), reading, and embracing something creative can hold the key. Each of the women we’ve talked to during COVID distancing provides her own thoughts, tips and suggestions: real, honest-to-goodness, practical advice. No matter where you sit or what you are struggling with, I think their perspective is incredibly helpful. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen!

PREVIEW: Coming up next week….. we’ll have more great perspective and voices …. My friend Laura Hayes Morgan, a corporate event planned in Raleigh, NC whose business — as she knew it — dramatically shifted overnight; my new friend — longtime Guiding Light soap opera star turned author Tina Sloan about reinvention and embracing life’s pivot(s); my dear friend the wonderful home transition expert Caroline Carter who will share a few quick, but important tips on tackling that huge mess in your (pick one): garage, basement, attic, guest room, closet and why you need to do this BEFORE you decide to relocate, sell your house/apartment, or downsize.  Lots of great stuff coming! Please be sure to subscribe — both to the podcast and to the newsletter! And, I would be so grateful if you would share us with others who might also enjoy and benefit.

Sending much love, gratitude, and positive energy your way! Be safe and be well!

P.S. I’m off to study YouTube videos to prepare for family haircuts! We’ll see who’s really brave around here! Wish me luck!

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