Hi friend,  

You did it! You’ve crushed another week of quarantine! I hope you are giving yourself a high-five! No matter what challenges you are facing, give yourself credit for pushing through, for doing your best, and for helping others to do the same. If you’re like me, you have good days and some not so good days. On those less good days, I’m trying hard to be kind to myself and to not expect more that is realistic or possible. When I’m able to show myself that kindness, I’m also trying to celebrate that a bit too. By doing both of those things, I also find I’m kinder to those around me as well. Let’s face it, right now, that’s pretty important if you are holed up with others!

As I reflected on this week’s She Said/She Said guest and our 98th episode, I kept coming back to a couple of important lessons that I thought were especially relevant right now. Like so many small business owners and entrepreneurs, Sarah Ford’s luxury brand boot company — Ranch Road Boots — is facing uncertainty. COVID-19 lockdowns occurred just as she was making the rounds to raise additional capital to continue to grow her business. Poof! Just like that things changed. The path she was on shifted. And yet, I found Sarah remarkably calm and agile as she talked about making a pivot, the future of her business, and what entrepreneurship means to her.

Calm isn’t a natural state, and it isn’t behavior we are wired for. It’s learned and requires stepping outside of yourself to see the big picture and to calm your anxiety so that you can think clearly. What a powerful message for right now.

It’s one of two important lessons that emerged in my conversation with Sarah. You can listen or watch on the She Said/She Said YouTube Channel (links below). Let me know what you think, and how you’re doing this week! Be safe, and be well.  


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