Hi friends,

I hope this finds you safe and well.

I think of you often and as I go through my week and look for content that I think you’ll find compelling and useful, including a few links that will bring a smile and some comfort. Many of the links I’m sharing are things that this community of amazing women have shared with me. Please, please keep them coming!

You are receiving this week’s newsletter later than normal because I wanted to include both of the terrific episodes we recorded this week — Episodes 96 and 97 [or watch on the You Tube Channel] which are part of a small business focused series featuring women small business owners and how they are responding to COVID-19. These women are making significant pivots in their business strategies, and leading teams through incredible uncertainty. Wherever you sit, I think you’ll find the perspective of these leaders inspiring as you think about your own organization or the organizations you work with and rely upon.

Small business in the U.S. is defined as businesses with 500 or fewer employees, but the category employs some 52% of working Americans, and includes 99.9% of all businesses in the U.S. When we think about the aftermath of COVID-19, understanding the impact on this sector is obviously significant. I don’t want to belabor how scary of this is, but rather I want to showcase some female voices who are leading with positivity and insight, and who are looking for ways to use what they know to help others. It would be very easy to look upon the current economic challenges with despair, but these women are looking forward and digging deep to find creative ways to pivot themselves and their teams. Our first two guests are highlighted below, with more to come next week!

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