Hi friends! 
It’s Friday again and I’m incredibly grateful for a chance to greet you and another day. I hope the same is true for you. I can’t think of a time when it’s been more important to at least try to find positives in so much sadness and loss

A few thoughts to wrap up the week…. 

On PJ’s: 
As much as it pains me, getting out of my pjs — no matter how much I tell myself I can get more done if I just get right to work — actually makes me less productive. Not because I can’t work effectively in my pjs, but because it impacts how I feel about myself. That has an impact on my ability to be positive. 

I’ve found that the PJs actually contribute to my anxious mood and to a less positive disposition. This situation is tough enough without me doing things to myself that are counterproductive! A quick shower and just a little “prettying up,” has been doing wonders along with a quick walk. (Since I’m well on my way to the COVID-19 LBS, I should really pick up the pace here! #GoalForNextWeek)

Incentives….I’ve talked to many of you about your strategies for staying on track and fighting the blues. Here’s one more that’s super easy and addresses several issues at once. My friend, who will remain nameless, immediately dons her workout gear to incentivize herself to squeeze in an early workout. She sets another motivator by refusing to reward herself with cocktails at the end of the day until she’s completed the workout. While it doesn’t have to be a cocktail (sounds pretty good to me), it can be anything that forces you to do something physical and gets those endorphins going!

Here’s one more of my own tips. Our kids started virtual school this week (PHOTOs below). I strategically situated them away from each other (and us) to minimize distractions. What I didn’t anticipate was how much additional exercise I would log in by putting one on the 2nd floor and one on the first while the printer and office supplies remain in the basement. Lots of “unofficial” exercise. Yea me! Any pleasant surprises you’ve found with #virtualLearning? Good tips you can share with the rest of us? please send!

I’ll continue to share more thoughts and tips I’m finding helpful and would be grateful if you would do the same

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