Hi friends,

I hope this finds you safe and well.

Almost a week into social distancing, we are working hard to try to make this experience feel less scary and more like an “adventure” for our kids (ages 12 and 10). They were just about to start Spring Break when isolation measures were announced. We are working to make sure they understand the seriousness of what’s happening without terrifying them — a careful and challenging balance to be sure. Something so overwhelming and unsettling to Joel and me, certainly will impact our kids in unforeseen ways going forward. But we’re doing our best. That, and faith (heavy emphasis on faith), are perhaps the best weapons!  I don’t make light of this situation for a minute and my heart goes out to all who are impacted. But I also know that it’s important to make the best of situations that are beyond our control and to look for ways that each of us can help those who are suffering and in need. Some of those opportunities are right now, others will come later. For many of us, the time spent social distancing provides great opportunities to reflect on all the ways we can positively impact and help others now and in the future.

Below you’ll find this week’s inspiring feature Episode 91 with The Hon. Elaine Chao. Her perspective on adversity is especially fitting so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen. She’s incredibly candid and funny in our conversation.

I’ve also included some great additional resources: reading material to accompany this episode, and a few podcasts that I think you’ll like and find useful including links to a couple of past episodes of She Said/She Said Podcast that are particularly relevant today: Dr. Lucy McBride Episode 25, who just launched a COVID-19 focused website, and Dr. Alicia Clark, author of “Hack Your Anxiety” in Episode 68.

Finally, I’ve included a few scenes from Camp Kaplan! If you have suggestions for how you and yours are staying busy, helping others, keeping kids occupied while you work, managing your time at home, what you are cooking (great/easy recipes that you love that require mostly pantry staples), books, movies, etc… that are giving you joy, please share! And, if you find you have a little extra time, I would love any feedback you have and a review of She Said/She Said Podcast on Itunes! Always and most importantly, thanks for your friendship!   


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