As 2019 draws to a close, I’ve just posted our final podcast for the year — an inspiring conversation with Nancy Brinker recorded at her home in Palm Beach, FL.

More than any other individual, Nancy changed the conversation about not only breast cancer, but how we talk about disease. Before she launched Race for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen foundation (named after her sister), the word “breast” and “cancer” were rarely spoken on television or in the media. In addition to helping to raise some $3 billion in research aimed at curing this terrible disease, Nancy changed the way we think about philanthropy. She literally broke the mould by employing advice she learned from her first boss Stanley Marcus, the former CEO of Neiman Marcus. Whether you are raising money for a cause or charity, for your own business, working to get support for your campus initiative, or trying to align your own family around a goal, Nancy’s advice on setting a vision and creating a story to inspire others is spot on, and it’s emblematic of her tremendously successful leadership style.

Nancy is our 80th episode since launching She Said/She Said Podcast in March 2018, and our 40th episode for 2019. 
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“Ask people to join your dream and make it their dream.” – Nancy Brinker” 
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Each week, we’ve heard from women who, like Nancy, are leading and having a positive impact on others and on the world. But even more importantly, guests shared candid perspective around topics like fearfailureself-doubtperfection, and being too hard on ourselves — things that so many of us struggle with and that are often reflective of our shared experiences as women.

These women are creative problem solvers and are committed to sharing their own experiences so that others can learn. They shared lessons from their journeys, and have shown us the power of an open heart. And, they have reminded us why a positive, proactive, and optimistic mindset matters

Together, they taught us how to bounce backhow to manage triggers that can negatively impact confidence, and why strong support networks matter. They also helped us see the difference between good constructive feedback and less useful criticism….. and how to ignore the latter. They have taught us the power of a strong vision and reinforced the power of story. And, in the case of Katherine Wintsch (Episode 78), how to slay mental dragons, a metaphor she created to represent that negative, often cruel voice that can live inside of our own head.

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