Too often, conversations aimed at women are one-sided, simplistic, and characterize all women as having the same view on policy, success, and leadership. If we really want to encourage and empower all women, we need to celebrate, support and showcase a broader range of role models whose unique voices, perspectives, thoughts and opinions are the very definition of authentic leadership.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a politically diverse group of friends. We don’t agree on every issue — far from it — but the way in which we discuss, support, empower and inspire each other is the fuel that keeps us going! 

In creating She Said/She Said, my goal is to share the power that comes through connections and rich conversation, while at the same time showcasing the unique ways in which women are leading, and defining impact, meaning, and success on their own terms.

As you join She Said/She Said on a quick walk, your morning commute, or over a cup of coffee, you’ll meet creative, talented, insightful women who are passionate about leaving the world better than they found it, and who are committed to making their mark in ways that are impactful, but unique to them. These women are making a difference in their communities in ways large and small, but always with an eye toward impact.  

You’ll meet women in business, politics, art, entertainment, sports, academia, and media, as well as experts on food, self-help, leadership,  civic engagement, and so much more! You’ll meet conservatives and liberals (not to mention those who reject labels) — all of whom willing to share their stories, insights, perspectives and advice in ways that we think you’ll find motivating and inspiring.

There is magic in these conversations. Indeed these incredible role models are creating magic on behalf of others each and every day. We hope the half-hour you spend with She Said/She Said will leave you uplifted and inspired to use your own unique voice in your own unique way to have an impact. Please let us know what you think!