She Said / She Said. With Laura Cox Kaplan

She Said/She Said is a conversation with, about, and for women. A conversation that appreciates and supports the diversity of our views and perspectives as women, and that celebrates the unique ways in which we lead, inspire, and have a positive impact on the world. If you looking for inspiration, insights that inform and challenge, and great advice and perspective to inform your journey…. look no further! We’re so glad you are here! xo


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NEWSLETTER May 29, 2020….Getting unstuck by tapping into Divinely-inspired magic

Hi friends,

Happy Friday!

Ever find yourself getting stuck, or hitting a wall creatively speaking? Even if you are not in a “creative” field, this is something most of us will struggle…

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NEWSLETTER May 22,2020: The power duo: defiance + resilience

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Hi friends,

Ever found yourself even more determined to do something just because someone told you, “you can’t,” or “you’re not allowed”? Yep, me too! This…

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