She Said / She Said. With Laura Cox Kaplan

Getting what we want often comes down to one important thing: how well we understand and utilize the tools that help us build and sustain influence. 

But what is INFLUENCE?  And what can we do to build more of it? 

I’ve spent three decades working to understand and master the art of influence in government, in advocacy, and in communications and media. I even use what I’ve learned as I navigate marriage, two kids, and a dog!  

What I’ve come to realize is that influence — while completely attainable — is often not well understood. 

Here at She Said/She Said, we unpack the dimensions of influence — what it means, why you need it, and how to apply it to your own life. We do that by engaging in conversations with women who help me bring the many dimensions of influence to life. And, we give you tools and strategies to leverage your strengths, to reimagine your journey, and to build stronger relationships, while also helping you boost your personal brand. 

Unlike a lot of podcasts out there, this one is about owning your journey, and investing in YOU!  We hope these conversations will leave you both energized and inspired!

Join me each week at She Said/She Said Podcast — here on this website, or wherever you listen to podcasts. And, please be sure to check out related content at Instagram, Linked In, Facebook and Twitter: @LauraCoxKaplan 

Learning and understanding the different dimensions of influence may just be the smartest investment you can make in YOU! 

Give She Said/She Said Podcast a listen, and let me know what you think, and which topics and guests resonate most with you!

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