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Ready to add a big dose of positivity and empowered perspective to your day? 

Welcome to She Said/She Said Podcast. I’m Laura Cox Kaplan. 

Here we tackle everything from imposter syndrome and confidence building to the best advice on how to lead yourself through life pivots, including the ones that knock you flat. 

For the past three years I’ve talked to 100s of experts about their journeys. On She Said/She Said, you’ll find their actionable advice and lessons, as well as my own tools that you can put to use in your own life. Join us! I think you’ll find this investment in you well worth it. 

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NEWSLETTER: June 20, 2020 — Have a big idea keeping you up?

Hi friends,

Ever have an idea that you just could not get out of your head? You know the one, it wakes you up at night and you can’t seem to shake it? Emily Ramshaw had such an epiphany which she…

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